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with successful founders 

If you are an early stage founder, thinking of starting a company and are not sure where to start, we offer FREE 30 mins mentoring sessions. 

We often receive requests and questions from passionate and talented entrepreneurs and we want to help them accelerate innovation. 

Get mentored by successful entrepreneurs, who have been there, done that and are open to pass those skills on!

My Personal Story

When we first started virtualmob (an AR b2b SaaS), we had lots of obstacles along the way e.g., couldnt close sales deals every month, high churn rate and struggled to achieve monthly MRR(monthly recurring revenue).

I met our future mentor through my ex boss, who was Head of Operations at Netcetera LLC. It was an amazing experience where he helped us work on a plan to achieve monthly targets and also increase the value of our offerings to enterprise.

We also got help on funding and introduction to new sales pipeline and exit planning. We ultimately got acquired in 2014 by Publicis.

Great Leaders 

by Andreas von der Heydt

Director @ Amazon Kindle I LinkedIn Influencer I Inspirational Speaker

Why mentoring is important?

7 Reasons You Need a Mentor for Entrepreneurial Succes

  • Gain experience not shared in books

  • You're more likely to succeed with a mentor

  • 80 percent of CEOs said they received some form of mentorship

  • A mentor gives you reassurance

  • A mentor will help you stay in business longer.

  • A mentor will help you develop stronger EQ.

Do i need mentoring?

  • Have got an MVP ready now what?

  • Should I build the product first or find customers?

  • How do I raise funding for my startup?

  • Need help reviewing my Pitch Deck 

  • I have an idea but not sure what to do next..

  • Thinking of quitting my job but not not sure if its the right time?

  • Need help validating my idea?

  • How do I find my cofounder?

We often receive questions from passionate and talented founders asking;

So if you have similar thoughts, feel free to reach out to set up a 1 to 1 mentoring/advice sessions with us directly.

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