We are a team of passionate entrepreneurs, helping  shape the Innovation ecosystem by providing a platform for Cross Border Innovation to highlight and showcase a range of groundbreaking efforts globally.  The main purpose of this monthly ongoing web series is to inform viewers about exciting innovations and creative individuals across the fields of business, science, and technology.

Entrepreneurs would gain Global Awareness, few early customers, B2B pilot, feedback from some of the successful leaders in US

How are we different from other pitching events: Our focus is cross border innovation. We want to  highlight disruptive companies globally , so theoretically you could be based anywhere in Europe and still participate to present on our show using video conferencing via our technology partners. Our goal is to showcase startups who are working on disruptive solutions around the globe and help them reach out to a mass audience of people. 

We believe "The core value for startups is: is not always the money". Startups need customers and qualified feedback to get to the next level.

Our ultimate goal is to help those crazy ones "the disruptors"
to accelerate growth and go to the next level


Leena Valleru
Program Director
Rajendra Reddy
Project Manager
Alex Pilla
Senior Designer
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